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Full Version: Help Increasing Speed
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I have been doing nails for 15 years and instead of getting faster, I am getting slower. I am a perfectionist and it seems the older I get the more meticulous I am becoming. Which is becoming a huge problem. I am constantly running behind with clients. I get in such a zone with their nails, sometimes working on the same nail for 10 minutes and I don't even realize it. I keep finding one more tiny bit of cuticle or the shape is just the tiniest bit off. Perfectionism can be wonderful and a curse at the same time. I would appreciate any advice anyone can give me to help me work faster and stop being so obsessive and to know when good is enough. Thank you, Kelly*
Also does anyone have a time break down of how long each step takes you to do. Maybe if I use a timer aside of me it will help.
New glasses needed? All kidding aside, if you'd write out your steps, we could be more help.
Lol! You sound like me! I've been doing nails about 28 years and I'm getting slower also. Can't figure it out. I'm a perfectionist like you but maybe not 10 min on one nail. Lol. I used to always get a fill down in an hour and now I run late a good bit. It's usually the same people I have trouble with though. I try to tell myself not to nit pick over everything but its hard.
How long do you take?
Is your book full?

The reason I ask these 2 questions is because as you build a relationship with years of service on your client, the visit becomes more than just nails, you are their bartender so to speak. If your book is full YOU MUST raise your prices and if you do not want to work faster if you raise your price by 20% you can schedule longer appointments and make the same money. Just my 2 cents worth.