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Full Version: gel top coat & nail polish
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I'm just wondering if anyone has used gel top coat over reg nail polish. The other tech I work with just started doing gel polish but most of her clients wear reg polish. The other day she used gel top coat over it. I have never heard of this.

Please let me know if this can be done.
You should not put a gel polish on top of a regular polish. Regular polishes have solvents in them, that need to evaporate in order to fully dry and harden - if you cover it with a gel top coat, the solvents can't evanporate so the polisih never truly dries. That is bad for adhesion, obviously, but also for the nail.
For the most part plumgirl is correct... there are a few UV top coats that are specifically formulated to apply over traditional polish, I really have some sort of a mental block there.. people keep telling me and I keep forgetting what brands have that!

If you use a UV top coat not speciically formulated to apply over nail polish, the polish never dries and the top coat will just slide right off! (been there, done that, got the Tshirt!)

It's usually referred to as GellySandwich (because of using Gelish Top It Off). I do it to my nails but wouldn't offer it professionally because the polish has to be 100% completely dry or it doesn't work well. That means using 1 coat of lacquer, or 2 coats of light polish, or just letting the lacquer throughly dry first. If I'm doing just a solid color I let my mani dry for about 30-45 mins to be sure before topping it. If I'm doing nail art, I may wait an entire hour and a half but that is find at home. No one wants to do that in a salon or sitting in your house. IMO of course.
That is what I thought & I too ha e tried it and it didn't work. I'm just surprised that the girl I work with is doing it. She just started doing gel only because her clients were wondering why she was not doing it. She is not current on anything new.

Thank you girls for your input.