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Full Version: Difference between gel polish and gel
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I have been so stressed since I heard a couple nail techs telling their clients that shellac is gel. I have been googling and searching here for a way for me to explain the difference to clients. Is there a simple way to explain it?
Shellac is not a gel as in a gel enhancement. It can't be used to sculpt and build length like L&P, but it is a gel polish.
I also explain that Shellac is a brand of gel polish. Shellac is not the process of what they get. Like Cover Girl is a brand of mascara and Loreal is a brand. But they are both mascara.
Shellac is a gel - a hybrid gel - Gel "polish" is a fantastic way to extend polish wear. Because gel polish soaks off very quickly (5-10 minutes for most brands) it is a alternative to traditional nail polish that should not chip or peel for 10-21 days. Since every person is different - their nail health, their day to day activities, their level of home maintanence - it will last better on some people than others.. "hopefully you are one of the lucky ones and it will last 3 weeks!" Some people (clients) need the additional strength and coatings an "enhancement gel" will provide. An "enhancement gel" does not soak off at all and needs to be filed off.

Does that help?? I hope so!

That is one of the great things about TEN Gel. It's ONE gel ! You can sculpt with it, build with it then make your own gel polish with it. So once you have applied your custom color gel polish you are only adding more strength to your nails. Since it is so flexible you can keep your nails nice and thin knowing that your color is only making your nails stronger.