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Just curious as to how many clients you all see a day. This can be natural nail, gel soak off, acrylic clients, etc.

My client base is starting to increase and clients are getting into the habit of rebooking, so wanted to see what's condisered the norm.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback.

Warmest Regards,

Depends on what services I'm doing. I work on a part-time basis, so my day is a little different. Pedicures are my specialty service. On a Saturday, I do anywhere from 8-10 clients. If they maintenance their feet at home, it doesn't take me as long, so I have more time to take a few more clients.

I have a tech friend who works full-time. She has more acrylic clients, so she sees 10 clients a day, sometimes more if she doesn't include nail art with each service. She does a lot of details hand painting, so that takes more time. And of course she has some clients who just want polish changes with nail art - she doesn't really do manicure and pedicure services.....but she always has a full book.

Bowie, MD
The norm isn't as important as consistently filling your available hours and charging accordingly so you can cover your expenses AND earn a living, no matter how many days or hours per week.
Very true Jamie!! I can't wait to take your class in Orlando!

When I worked in a day spa setting, we had to complete services in a certain time as it was stated on the service menu. This also made it mandatory to see "X" number of clients in an hour depending on the service they were getting. I hated working like that - I don't like to rush with any service...I can't do my best work. It did help me build my speed though, so I gained something positive from that experience.

Bowie, MD
I only did acrylics, and since I wasnt taking on anyone new, they were all fill's.. I booked on the hour with time off for lunch & dinner.. I worked most evenings till 8 or 9, but I didnt get started until somewhere between 11a and 2pm depending on the day. So generally speaking I did 6-9 a day. Working in my home based salon it was very easy for me to be very flexible for them and they appreciated that. The returned that favor with being ultra flexible too.