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Full Version: Confused about Manicure and Shellac
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Ok so I've looked all over for this question and searched but I found not a whole lot....I 've read that many people prefer before they do a pedi they do the shellac first then soak ..without any problems...Now can the same be done with a regular manicure or just skip the soak on hands and just go with a dry mani? Then a massage after ? My clients love their massage !

Sorry for all the questions, its just that I just got the system the other day and I'm super excited about trying it, and all my clients are asking about it!
Its like they see something new and BAM! Questions galore!


I havent done a water soak in over 10 years just because it swells and shrinks the nail plate and that can cause drying and even cause the nail to develop small cracks in it. If you ever get a chance to see the 3D videos from Doug Schoons brain its a wonderful way to see the dynamics of the nail plate and the effects of water and other service procedures. Those get announced on his Facebook page and here as well. I know thats not what you asked for.

My gel polish steps ( Shellac, Gelish and Polish pro are what I use)
1. Soak old shellac off or remove traditional nail polish to start a shellac client
2. apply blue cross cuticle remover and push cuticles with my currette
3. wash hands to remove the acetone and or the cuticle remover
4. shape nails
5. lightly buff if I feel its needed ( I use the pink back sand turtles )
6. Dehydrate using Scrub fresh, cleanse, 99% alcohol or similar
7. Apply new shellac or gel polish of choice
8. remove dispersion layer on top coat.
9. rub a good cuticle oil in to rehydrate
10. Massage with a good lotion or cream.
Sometimes during step one right after I remove the gel polish from one nail ( using the wrap method and not the bowl for soaking ) I apply my cuticle remover, push, rub with a towel to clean and apply oil to hydrate the nail from the acetone. Then they go wash when I am all finished.

I don't do gel polish pedicures, but if I did I would clean the toenails of old polish or gel.
2. trim and shape
3. prep the nail, apply the gel polish,
4. Soak in the foot tub
5. Use my foot file to reduce and smooth calluses
6. Use my scrub and rinse
7. add oil to the nails
8. massage


Oooops for got mention file and shape their nails. Then I do a dry cuticle removal with my e-file, prep the nail and apply Shellac. After application of Shellac I do the cuticle scrub, paraffin dip and massage. Takes the same amount of time. HTH!!
God i would love not to have to soak hands for manicures, I swear I know i'm thinking to much about this , I had a dream about it last nite!!! It took me hours to do this one client, and it kept pulling away from her nail!!! Yeah not a good dream!! But thanks so much for the feedback...Any is much appreciated!!! Funny I've been doing nails for 16yrs and I feel like i'm back in school again with learning all I can about about shellac!!


If you don't want to disk it off you can file it off either by hand or an e-file
. Doesn't take very long to do.
I have done waterless manis for years, too. I do mine like Sobeit, except I shape after I remove the polish, then do the cuticle remover.