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Hi everyone ! Just got my free samples , foot soak and cooling gel from here. I was pleasantly surprised at the smell of the cooling gel, cucumber melon -ish ,nice...started tinkering with the acrylic ,and although it seems nice, both pinks for pink and whites were really almost too pink ,unless you always use the reverse method. Any how ,just wondering if any of you have been using it regularly ,and how you like it.Also what color is Asian Blend ? Have any of you used it ? Smile
I wish I could use it regularly. I was very impressed; I would switch even if it wasn't so cheap. I just have too much acrylic I need to use. Right now I just have the foot soak the gel topcoat and the scrub. I like all of those, but their acrylics really impressed me the most. I've been wearing it (saving the good stuff for myself lol), and it's held up better than anything I've used. I always use the reverse method so that's not an issue. I was wondering about Asian blend too.
I called for samples today. The lady I spoke with was very nice and helpful- that's the kind of people I like to deal with.
I am due to receive another order soon. I like the acrylic samples so much, even though I wasn't crazy about the pinks, I decide I wanted to tinker some more. I will let you know what the Asian Blend is like, since they were awesome about swapping out some of the colors I did not want in the promotional kit.
I received my samples this morning before lunch. I got the four powder colors- deep pink. white, clear and asian blend. Just looking in the jar, the asian blend looks like a natural color. I also got 3-4 scrubs- love the lemon and the Barbados, callus remover, and cooling gel. I also got a Spring Flower lotion sample. The consistency seems thin until you apply it It kind of reminds me of Avojuice. It left my hands so soft. I would like to try the Green Tea as for me, the scent of the flowers was a bit much, but that is a personal thing. I will have to call them Monday because they forgot the liquid. I think this may be a new line for me.
Still at the tinkering stage, but found if you mix the dark pink 50/50 with the Asian Blend, it comes out a nice, more natural pink. One that is more universal, I guess u could say. I thought it was my imagination ,but this product has almost a strange pleasant odor, like friuty almost. So far I am pretty happy with it ,my nails look fab, now I need guinea pig clients willing to let me try it on them. I will eventually update you with my findings.....Smile
I read somewhere that it had a strawberry scent.
I really want a sample- but I am still only on a permit!
(03-24-2013, 02:15 AM)Tn Nail Lady Wrote: [ -> ]I read somewhere that it had a strawberry scent.

I think it was Jimsjadab, hope I spelled that right, that mentioned the strawberry scent.
Acrylic Asian Blend is a mixed powder. We consider it a natural pink. It is a blend of pink, clear, and natural acrylics. It is a very light pink color with slight clarity to cover imperfections of the natural nail while not being completely opaque.