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Full Version: OPI LED light HELP!!!
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Hi my name is Chrystal. I am a nail tech in Casper, WY and brand new to this site. I just purchased the new OPI LED light on Monday. It works amazing on my shellac and gelish. My problem is I use Light Elegance gel for actual gel enhancements and it won't cure it at all!! I've been searching all over online to find a true gel that will cure with my new light that is NOT a soak off or polish type gel. Can anyone help me please??? Thank you so much!!
LED lights don't cure traditional hard gels - just gel polish!
Have you heard if any gel brands will be making traditional gels that are cured by an LED light?
There seems to be difficulty in the way the LED lights work, that they won't cure the traditional gels. Everything I've heard indicates that LED cured hard gels are a long way off.
Nouvea nail by Americanails has an LED hard gel- it's reasonable & nice!
Doesn't Gelish gel enhancement cure in LED?
Gelish structure is a soak off gel. I believe for added strength - I don't believe it can be a builder- it's in the soak off (soft) gel line.
Opps but YES 30 secs in LED
Gelish makes a hard gel that's cured in an LED lamp. I've never used it so you may want to read some product reviews prior to purchasing.

Bowie, MD
Thank you so much girls...I'll check out both of the products mentioned and see how they work
Chrissy-- the little black pots- I forgot about their hard LED gel-!
Oddly don't see that advertised much here (NJ)....
Yeah, I don't know why they don't advertise those much either. I think everyone loves the Gelish and it's doing so well, they focus on that. I haven't heard much about their acrylic system either.

Bowie, MD
I tried the hard gel brush on white to use for pinks and whites, so I would not have to sculpt the smile line, and was not impressed. It was not opaque enough and cured with hard spikes. I can't speak for the pot ones.