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Full Version: LE light ???
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I took the plunge and purchased the light. I'm not 100% sure about it. I've always applied gels with my client having her hand on a towel on top of the light. With the vents on the top of this light, I'm afraid to to that. Also, mine has a black button. It only clicks to the right to turn on for 120 seconds, or I can click again to turn off during the that time. Isn't there a way to keep it on? During every application, I use the combination of both. Last Con, the power cord is just almost too short.
A gew Pros, I love the size, and the fact that I can replace the internal plates, and of course that it is made in the USA. Any thoughts?
Michele, have you changed your application since using the light unit? Perhaps sharing your procedures would generate some advice. I've not had any issues with the length of the power cord, and I appreciate the reinforcement where it's connected. I use two light units per station, so there's never any waiting. I happen to like the built-in timer because it helps me to stay on schedule; ideally, whatever I'm doing on the opposite hand should take less than two minutes : )
Hi Michele,
You can still use the light as an arm rest, no worries there. The switch can be turned back off by clicking it again, I do that occasionally if I am flash curing something. There is not an "on" that keeps the light powered constantly, the bulbs have a relatively short lifespan for curing completely, so having the light on indefinitely would require you to replace them more often.
You can use an extension cord with the lights, I have to do that with 1 of mine that is furthest from the outlet.
I hope this helps you out.
I can work with the length of the cord. I definitely want to stay with only one light on my table. My system is very efficient for me keeping the light on during my building and flashing process. I use builder (natural) all fingers on right hand, cures in light while I do left. Then, whether it's full color, tip color or nail art, I do right pinky, twitch...left pinky, switch...right ring finger, switch, left ring finger and so on through to the thumbs. I apply top coat, that's when I switch to the two minute timer. I'm just an old dog set in my ways. With this method, I create beautiful, strong nails in 50 - 55 minutes every time. Keeps me and my clients on a smooth schedule. I just like the option of the light providing both stay-on and timer. The picture of the light had a white switch that looked as though it did both. My light has the black as earlier mentioned. Hmmm,
Just so I understand . . . When you're alternating hands, doing a finger at a time, how long are those curing in between?
A matter of seconds I suppose, that's when for example when I'm adding white tip, or a glitter line, polka dots etc. so, the white tips as the example in whole cure for two minutes before adding the top for for a final two minute cure. I really matters on how many colors or how elaborate the design is. I failed to mention, I use Gelousy for the most part. I do add LE glitter gel sometimes, and have recently switched my final top coat to LE's Super Shiny. I love the high shine better than Gelousy Natural, and found that I works great on all my hair stylists. It really seems to resist the dyes they use on their clients.
My main concern ultimately is if I'm doing four colors plus glitter, and they're moving back and forth several times. I don't want to have to keep clicking the light back on.
After sitting a while in my client chair, I can see how the two lamps might be a wonderful thing. Especially with this great slim design. The table doesn't feel cramped as it would with two of my current style lamps which are quite a bit larger. Perhaps I was just panicking. I still believe I would like the on/off plus timer option.