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Full Version: mentoring in md
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I'm an aspiring nail tech but cannot afford school but in the state of Maryland you can study under a licensed nail tech for 8 months and then take state board exam is there anyone in my area that is willing to take on an apprentice....I live close to Annapolis MD

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Did you ever find a shop to let you apprentice?
No I haven't and I'm so bummed out about it do you have anyone in mind
(06-17-2013, 07:08 AM)JaCor1024 Wrote: [ -> ]No I haven't and I'm so bummed out about it do you have anyone in mind

I work for a busy nail salon in Parkville. Not sure if you would want to travel that far. One of the girls is leaving the end of July to go to college. Depending on where you live in Annapolis it could be anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 hour. I believe the owner is willing to apprentice if you are willing to work there after you are licensed. Which area do you live in? My sisters live in Arnold and Mayo so I am familiar with Annapolis.
hi there Pam9802 well right now I'm actually in school already but I'm willing to travel and gain some experience. What's the name of the shop you work for so I can look it up. I'm willing to start from the bottom. I live in Annapolis in the bay ridge area....please let me know
That would be probably about 50 minutes away. The shop is called Mia Sorella Nail Studio. She is looking for someone more full time. The girl who is leaving works full time. There are only 3 of us that work there and I am part time. If you are already in school you may not be able to apprentice too.
Ok thanks anyway