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Full Version: What is your favorite Gel Polish brand? and Why?
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I love Gellish and Entity.......The application of both is perfect and great pigmentation in their colors
i recently bought a set of one step gel polish at costco for $29.95 and have been loving it! It's such a good deal and good quality especially for starters.
(11-06-2011, 03:27 PM)C-C My Nails Wrote: [ -> ]I so far have tried Gelify, Gelish, Shellac, P2, PolishPro, Gelac, Eco, Axxium and NSI Illusion.
I am sticking with Gelish. Colors, no shaking, no thickening, ease of use, larger bottles (that can be combined wonderfully if you want to eek out that last minute amount from the bottle), ease of removal, shine, availability, wearability and can be used for art in just about any way you can imagine. I am steadily getting more and more clients off of enhancments with this product and my profit margin is greater not only because of cost per service, but time spent per service.
I am in school and our school uses a lot of OPI product.. We had only axxium pots at first so we were excited when we got the OPI gp. We all did applications on Thursday.. Returned to class on Tuesday and all 5 girls came in bare nailed. Not only does it lift horribly it also is very runny compared with Gelish which I have been using for a year and a half and love. I may try the OPI gel polish again because it's free to use in class and on our walk in clinic clients but I do not like it and and don't plan on using it in my future profession.
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