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Full Version: Grateful to Beauty Tech...
You're currently viewing a stripped down version of our content. View the full version with proper formatting.'s been since May of last year that I've been on here. I recently started searching for a career in the industry again and on an interview the other day, BT came to mind. There were questions that I would not have thought to ask or comment about if it hadn't been for what I'd learned here in all the time I was a regular prior to last year. I just want to say a huge Thank You to you all~
Welcome!!! FYI I changed your avatar.,. you had linked to one on your PC it wont show up here! Upload it to your FB or somewhere else and I will hook it up for you!

Agree with KristinEsk. BeautyTech has helped me propel forward. People in my class (last year) thought I was such a nail know it all! LOL