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Full Version: Announcement new salon?
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Suggestions on an announcement/welcome to new salon after transitioning... Reward/gift idea.... Have a coffee kiosk drive thru??
We've got some really cute "We've Moved" postcard to send to your clients. I'd think about an open house.. doesn't have to be much, cookies, finger sandwiches, sweet tea, coffee. Anyone you speak to grab a squirt of your fav lotion and give a quickie massage while you talk introducing the new place, services whatever... Maybe have a drawing for a free pedi or upgrade service (art, longer pedi etc) put a sign in the window maybe 2 weeks out from the event tell everyone you know! The day of the event put balloons outside, some streamers dress up the window with something flashy...

Hope that puts you in the right direction!

Hi Debbie, wow great ideas ... Im a booth renter moving to new salon so this would be a great idea right??? Thanks again for your time.
Absolutely.. plus a little open house could introduce you to the other customers in the salon! You'll have to adjust the planning obviously to fit that situation but it could be great!

As far as adjusting the planning, since you are renting, you would need to discuss some of this with the owner, make sure she will allow what you want because some of this will take place in her space (or outside of your space).. (hehehe lets not start of on a bad foot ticking off the owner just heading willy nilly into what ever you think of!) The owner may have specific requests or a better idea about signage.. the owner might have a good idea of the best client traffic day for you to do this.. it doesnt have to be done on day 1 or 2 or even 10.. it can be 2-4 weeks down the road.. who knows the owner might not like the idea at all and you might have to get creative.. or the owner will think its a great idea and jump on your little happy bandwagon Smile

Thanks again.... Will be talking to the owner. Will keep you posted. Hope I'll know how to post pictures ;0)
Posting pics is really not that hard.. if you know how to put them on your FB page or somewhere else online then you can find the "link" or URL" (web address: Uniform Resource Locator) of the image. Once you know that you can click the little image icon when composing a reply and paste the URL in there.. or you can try here for more info: