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Full Version: shopping with Nail tech eyes
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Hi- I was in Michael's Craft store-- they sell PURE PIGMENT powder.... some on clearance... is this the SAME as "additives" or "pigments " I see for sale for nails are they essentially the same?
Also-- these pigments are interesting-- I've used eye shadow in gel to create looks-- using pigment is the same I suppose.... can anyone post Pictures or Youtube videos with pigment ideas!!
I actually purchased some pigments at Premier last year, but have yet to use them. I was going to mix them with some clear polish and use it as a base color for art work. I'd like to know if they are the same as well, because they are it's so much cheaper to buy them there. I stopped buying glitter gel from the more expensive manufacturers and getting loose glitter at Michael's and making my own. Although I will admit I love LE glitter gels, so I do occasionally break down and get some of theirs.
I've been using the Michael's pigments for about four years - way better pricing than buying the "additives" they have started marketing to nail techs. has awesome cosmetic grade pigments. I bought a bunch of samples and like using them more than the pearlex types because they are finer.
Thanks as always!