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Full Version: Looking for a "salon sitter" this fall...
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It's very possible I will be having surgery in the Fall, and I thought I would put this out there... Is there a tech within a reasonable drive of Stanwood, WA who might be interested in two full days a week for 3-5 weeks in the Fall while I'm recovering? If we're comfortable with each other you could even stay overnight in my guest room Smile

Just putting this out there as one possible solution for my down time! For anyone interested, I would definitely want someone who knows their way around the e-file, gel polish and gel overlays. I would be on hand to answer questions.

I think I would schedule surgery for October when most of my snow birds have left.
I used to do this with another nail tech while I was teaching middle school. She used to go to Arizona for 6 weeks over the summer and I would just jump in. I made extra money and she had no worries. Too bad I'm in Chicago. Sad
Haha, yes Chicago's probably too far away! That's what I was thinking, though, it might be a good opportunity for someone to pick up some extra money in that little lull between summer & holiday seasons. And since I've had to cut back, I think it could be covered in two full days a week so whoever would still be able to handle their own clients. Some of my people may opt to wait on pedi's until I come back, and some of my 3 & 4 weeker's would only need to be seen once during this time period.