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Full Version: matte/shiny gel nail art?
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was it on here that someone showed a beautiful set of matte gel polish nails with shiny designs on top? i was trying to explain it to a client and i can't find the picture. I was thinking it was someone on here. thanks!
so gorgeous, have to try this!
I just did a set like this in red on Wed. It was super easy! I did two sample nails, one in black and one in red, the black is by far my fave look in this style.
They were showing this style on the OPI Gel Color video.
What was used, if you don't mind my asking. They are cool.
Sharon~You follow your application steps as usual, after curing your top coat, lightly buff the nail to make it matte, then you can use your top coat to creat the shiny designs and cure. Smile
donna is going to do this to me this friday. we will have to post a pic.. my hubby and i are going out and i thought that look would be great for a little black dress Big Grin
Apply your base coat, cure, your color coats, cure and wipe the tacky layer away. Then do the design with the top coat, cure, and wipe.
They were doing paisley designs on the OPI video. I am sure you can come up with many patterns. Looks like easy fun!


I am in love with the classic french tip using the black matte base and the shine at the tip. Gorgeous.!
Thanx a bunch :lol:
One reason I always check this board is all the fun nail art much fun

anyone know where I can find a tutorial or the OPI vid demonstrating this?
I have a client who would go gaga over this!