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Full Version: Silly question
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What is dry brushing and when is it appropriate to use it?
Dry brushing is sometimes needed when applying gel polish. If the base is applied to thickly, the color layers tend to float around on the excess amount of "sticky residue" or tacky layer remaining after the base has been cured.

So what happens next is the colors tend to shrink away from the edges because its sort of floating on the tacky layer, when it should be sort of adhering to the base layer.

Several different methods can help this issue:
1. Apply your base MUCH thinner
2. Use the Dry wipe method:

Using a dry, stiffer bristle, gel brush, wipe off some of the sticky layer.
Completely remove the sticky layer with your normal cleanser. Give the nails a very quick swipe with a 180 white block and proceed with your color layers.

Applying the base thinner - MUCH thinner - usually helps tons on this issue. I know some girls have started to use a gel brush to apply the base, scrubbing it in, as opposed to painting it on with a polish brush. Another alternative is a pot type gel polish such as eco So Quick for the base and or your colors.

Hope that helps!!

Debbie-- cleanse after applying base-- never thought of that...I use Gelish & IBD just gel sets & their bases shine like the sun!!!!! Then I wipe but end up getting base all over it seems!!! Please verify thin THIN coat of base- cleanse-180 buffer lightly- and continue with color?? Wow thanks
If you REALLY thin base you should not have to cleanse at all before your color coats.

Personally I like the pot base coat (Eco So Quick) where I can really control the amount of base coat

Try this link
Q. How do I get the eco So Quick Gel Polish Base coat thin enough?

If you want or think you need to, yes your steps are correct for that method:
base, cure, remove tacky, white block, color layer cure.......
Thanks for the link---very good info! I'm considering ordering some of that ECO products :-) to try. I've tried several times to get samples & it doesn't work.
I JUST read an email from the office they are way behind on sending out the samples.. please email me direct so I can chwck on your request.