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Full Version: OPI Gel Polish
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Is anyone using the OPI gel polish yet? I have ordered it, and it is expected to arrive next week. I am wondering what your results have been so far? How does it compare to other similar products you have used? I am really interested in what light you are using, and what the curing times are, etc.
Thanks in advance!
Hey there are a couple of posts with feedback about the system. Just do a search. I personally wrote a lot about the system but I don't want to rewrite evrytg.
Allthough I did say that I kindof wasn't digging it...the worst thing about it so far is the removal time. Even when soaking in warm acetone it takes like a half hour!!! And then I'm still filing it off the rest of the way.
Also..becuz its very thin in pools at the cuticle area but I'm learning how to work it now and I'm freezing it..and going back to fill in that cuticle area and that is working really well.
Like I suggested before...I wld buy the top/ base and a color and work with it. You guys are investing a lot in the whole system and to me that would be a big gamble cuz what if you don't like it??? Just a suggestion...hth Smile


Tracy, that is great to know about the soaking off time. Doesn't sound good to me at all.
Wow! Half an hour!!!
That's not a product I would choose to work with when we have so many others to chose from that have soak off times of 10mins.

Each to their own thoughSmile
I just posted some feedback on my results with OPI. Check it out.
Ya colleen I read your post and that's great its working for you that well. I'm really wondering if I just did in fact get a bad batch. Did u use lincoln park or bastille my heart? It doesn't do it with every that's why I asked. But since OPI never did get back w me I'm going to try to call the rep and the company again. I axtually noticed that therebis a HUGE clump actually inside the bottle of topcoat. Soooo I will see what's going I said I'm happy its working for you tho!!!!!
Sounds like a bad batch for sure. I find that I get better results with a rep. It's too bad, though, that OPI isn't much help. You'd think a big company like that would have decent customer service.
Yes you would think. Or at least the ppl/person who wld care enuf to try to help me
I just don't get it. Like I said I'm going to call again and call our rep. My boss said something to her and she acted like she cared less.