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Full Version: PPE' any of you use face masks on a regular bases
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Greetings all,

Am seeking input from those that do natural nails only.

Do any of you use face masks while you're filing nails, particularly during your pedicure services? Have been thinking about this for a while now and am concerned about the long term health conditions that can occur from nail dust.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback.

Warmest Regards,

I do not use a mask during my pedicure services. I usually cut/trim and file toe nails after they have soaked for a few minutes, which eliminates dust clouds from filing. When I'm using an e-file to remove rock star toes, I use my air purifier to eliminate the nail dust.

Bowie, MD
I use the Partigon attached to my e-file, which works pretty well. I think you'd have to use a pretty heavy duty mask to actually protect you from the dust. When I move my shop I'm hoping to situate my table & pedi platform so that I can share the Salon Pure Air between them for even better coverage. For filing the nails shorter (I think that's what you're really asking about?), it sounds funny, but I blow downward while I'm filing so that the nail dust falls instead of rises. Smile Not the best solution lol.