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Full Version: Premier Nail Source shipped to Canada
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I am from Coaldale, Alberta, Canada. Anyone know if they ship by truck or post? How long do you think it would take? I left Premier a message early yesterday and no one got back to me. Is it cheaper to buy over $99 for free shipping? I am ordering a few light things and am hoping the shipping won't be too expensive. Any Help would be appreciated.

It's been awhile since I ordered from them. Expect to pay brokerage fees/duty on your shipment. I'm sure they have an option to expedite your order if you want it. They are most likely closed for the US Thanksgiving holiday - just a thought as to why you haven't heard back.
Thanks for the info, I e-mailed them yesterday. Is it better to order over $100 dollars. My order is $50 but it would be easy to spend more LOL. Does it come by truck or post?
This is from the policies page of their site.


1.Most orders are processed and shipped within 24 hours.
2.Standard orders within the continental USA are shipped via FedEx Ground.
3.Orders can be sent FedEx Next Day, 2nd Day or 3rd Day for an additional charge.
4.International orders will be shipped via FedEx, US Postal Service or International Freight Forwarder.
5.Products classified as hazardous and/or flammable may be subject to additional regulations and handling fees when shipped by air or sea.


Orders Under $99 - Actual Shipping Charges
Orders $99 or More - FREE*
* Free shipping offer appliues to packages under 12 lbs. shipped within contiguous Canada. Excludes brokering fee and any taxes incurred while clearing customs.

I can't tell you how much the shipping will be for your order if it's under $99. It depends on the weight and it also depends on what you've ordered. Hazardous materials must go by courier. The disadvantage of this is that you'll pay a brokerage fee when it's delivered. If it can be shipped via USPS and Canada Post, you won't pay brokerage fees. So you can see there are a lot of variables. And just an FYI, if you ordered any CND products they won't ship them to you outside of the US.

I would probably do the $99 order with free shipping if it were me. Again, it has been some time since I ordered anything from them, but in my experience shipping from the US is costly.

Hope that helps.
Thanks Laura, my big problem is if it is delivered by post I have to get it shipped to my house and if it comes by truck I have to get it delivered to my shop. Thanks anyway for the help Big Grin
I used to order from them. All orders have a brokerage fee of 1999 then you have to pay customes (sometimes up to 50$) then taxes on top of that. It works well only if you order a huge amount of items or split it between a bunch of people.
Have you checked out natali ? The have quite a good selection.
Thank You Tania, I dont' think I will be ordering from Premier they couldn't even be bothered to answer my message. I have never heard of that other company, were are they from?

Thank You