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Full Version: Anyone near Bothel, WA?
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I'm not even sure I spelled that right...

It looks like I might be moving my salon into my home at the end of April if all goes well with our house purchase, and I have one client who already lives so far away! So I'd love to help her find someone closer to home - she wears gel polish.
I work in Bellevue, WA and a lot of our clients come in from Bothel. It's not super close but not too far either. Maybe a 10-15 minute drive?
Oh, that sounds perfect! Especially since she's been driving all the way up to Stanwood every two weeks for almost two years. I think 15 minutes would be preferable! Can you tell me about your gel polish services? Feel free to email the info if you don't want to post on here - [email protected]
Yeah, we use Gelish, and we call it the Fab for 14 service. We have a basic gel mani, and one with salt scrub and paraffin. We don't do gel polish for toes though. Just hands right now.
I will tell her about your shop - she doesn't do well with Gelish though, so I'm not sure about that. She does better with a stronger gp like Mani-Q, and we finally got her chip free using the Cuccio top coat over any mani-Q or Cuccio color. Not putting down Gelish, I use it too, and have some clients who will chip with the mani-q top coat, but not the Gelish lol.
Yeah, some of our clients do well with it and others don't. Hopefully she'll find something close by that works for her.