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Full Version: Gel nails?
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Hi there I have been licensed for almost 20 yrs and have never worked with gel. Right now I have been using young nails. Can anyone tell me what product line is great? I would love to get young nails but the prices are higher then other companies. I also do not know where to start? Do I got the gels to apply on nails or is the colored gel polishes the best way to go? Please help any advice is greatly appreciated. Smile
You can contact Light Elegance, they have outstanding products made in the US, fantastic customer service and sample sizes. There are videos on the website too.
I love Light Elegance Gels as well. I had never done gel nails and was able to teach myself the basics through videos and a few classes held at a beauty supply a few hours from me - I am still learning though.

For me, getting to an educational event to watch someone in person is very helpful to learn the finer points. - By the way, Darcy is an excellent educator if you get a chance to see her at a show or class. She has amazing patience and can explain things very clearly.
Chatta.. there are several different types of gels today.. each type has its pro's & cons and would be suited to a particular type of nail & client combination.

This article can help you sort out the differences and decide which types of gels you need to learn for your clients
Gel Types - Descriptions
Are you confused about the different types of gels available? A guide to the different type of professional gels

Just like with the different acrylic lines, there are dozens of gel lines, some that have several of the different types of gels in their lines.. You will have to experiment and see which gel products/lines you prefer.

I hope that helps some!