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Full Version: What should I do???
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Hello, Ihave a dilemma..I have this client who drastically changes her hair every few months. From blond to red, to blond, to dark....Anyways, Recently we'd been trying to get it blond again with her natural 6/7 woven through. Two weeks ago she came in and wanted it bleached on top with black underneath. I told her I'd try to do a heavy foil on top and get it up as light as I could w/o doing to much damage and do a level 3 underneath because I knew she'd want it changed again in a few months. On the top of her head she always had me add a few dark streaks to break it up. I asked her if she wanted me to do the level 3 there or to bleach it...She said "whatever"..... Sigh,...I did the dark....Now two weeks later she wants those dark streaks out and it platinum on top. I'm kinda frustrated. Should I charge for this or take it in the rears? I'm not sure if she went away unhappy or if she is just impatient to get it lighter. It always takes 3 hours to do her hair because it's so thick and long and now I'm going to have to strip those couple dark pieces and lighten up the rest some more.....Arggghhhh!!!!
Charge her. If she's that into having her hair changed, it won't kill her to pay for it. its time and money on your end :-)