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Full Version: **Nails I have done! lots of pics...
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I hope you like them, they are all done with acrylic except from the shorty nails which are natural nails with gel polish!
[Image: 20130301_094128_zpse9aa1798.jpg]
[img][Image: P2250491_zpsfa960b30.jpg][/img]
[undefined=undefined][Image: P2210484_zps4d55abb7.jpg]
[Image: 20130213_113902_zps7d6237a7.jpg]
[Image: P2120480_zps86bd2557.jpg]
[Image: P2120477_zps4b3b40ee.jpg]
[Image: P2100474_zps1fc122f5.jpg]
[Image: P2100464_zps25b3cafb.jpg]
[Image: P2040462_zpsa93fd2eb.jpg]
[Image: P2030461_zps9374bf58.jpg]
[Image: P1280459_zps47e585d9.jpg]
[Image: P1240473_zpsec38d24c.jpg]
Awesome work!!!
I love them all
You make some beautiful nails!!!

Bowie, MD
LOVE them all, would be so proud to create them myself...awesome! Smile
Thank you all for the nice comments!
Your work is wonderful, thanks for sharing.