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Full Version: *Brillbird or Indigo??
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Hello forum!
For those you have used Brillbird and/or Indigo can you tell me how you liked it??Which one do you think is better to use for acrylic and gel?
I don't think those lines are carried in the US
But both are made in USA as I no one has used either?
I looked into the Indigo line due to the awesome colors they have, I found the website, signed up, but couldn't get the page to function. I'd love to have those colors! I hope they're available here and if you find out, please let me know!
Brillbird is a brand from Hungary and I believe Indigo is from Poland. Like many other companies, they may use USA manufactured gels/acrylics.
The colors I was interested in changed color depending on the direction you looked at it from. Maybe it had Spectra Flair in it....?? Anyway, I'd LOOOVEE to get some of those colors!
I would KILL to get the planet collection from indigo in the states!!!!
(08-12-2013, 02:04 PM)onyxkeeper Wrote: [ -> ]I would KILL to get the planet collection from indigo in the states!!!!

I've never tried to purchase from them but I do believe they ship internationally from their website. It seems like someone would try to become a distributor. Since they would be the only carrier in the US. When I look at nail art from Europe I always see those two brands. There's a woman who sells this brand from Tiawan (though I believe she is in Japan) through her Instagram. She has many many followers and people purchasing from her. Just to show you the lengths people will go to get products!
I live in Greece and we have both brands, I just ended up on getting Indigo instead of Brillbird as I soooo fell in love with the range of colors Indigo has on both gels and acrylics!