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Full Version: UV light makeover
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I cant find anything related to this now, but awhile back I remember seeing a post about someone making over an old light, and blinging it out. I'm starting at a new salon next week and I'm excited for a fresh start... But.... My old UV light has seen better days. Its a little beat up and looks horrible but it still works great and I just can't afford a new one right now. I would like to make it look good again, especially since I will be seeing new clients who might be afraid of the old dinosaur, lol. Does anyone remember that post, or remember who posted it? or am I crazy? Lol...
I remember that thread... what about some Mod Podge and sprinkle glitter in it? Then seal with a couple extra coats. That's how I did glitter on my pedi station Smile You may need to lightly rough up the surface first, but as a nail tech that should come naturally lol.
Hey Candice!
I had posted pics of my Blinged out Gel light. I did not glitter mine. I spray painted it black and sealed it with spray Krylon. Then added Rhinestones. I wiped it down really well with alcohol first. The black spray paint is made for plastic, that way it won't chip off. Here they are again.

[Image: Uvlampb4.jpg]
[Image: UvlampBling4.jpg]