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Full Version: Free Lance NailTech & Nail Parties
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Im a free-lance Nail Tech travelling to different states, cities, homes, hotels & salons to do nails..when i travel to homes or when im invited to do nail parties..what is the correct price I should charge on top of my reg prices or should i do a separate price list for nail parties?

Im in the process of getting my own salon so in the meantime when im going to individuals homes how much extra should i charge for that?
I'm curious about Home shows if you don't mind me throwing this out there-- what are you doing exactly? mani, gel mani, pedi? Is there a max or min? Hostess gift? Sanitizing? Any successful rebooking? Insurance issues? Cash only?
Mobile services vary from state to state. Check with the SB to see if it is legal. I know I read in the minutes of a recent meeting in Tennessee that the SB declared home parties illegal as well (we do not allow mobile salons).
In Ny, you can run a mobile service business, as long as you have a fixed location as your business address And the appropriate insurance that covers you in remote locations. The fixed address could be your home address, as explained by the Dept of State. I used to have a home-based salon and way back when I was building my business, I did a couple of home parties, it was fun and the ladies had a great time hanging out, snacking and chatting while getting mani's, pedi's and they also had a massage therapist come in. One party also included a couple of home-based sales company representatives, selling purses and make-up, so it was quite a large party.
After those 2, I was asked to do many more, but honestly it was a pain to drag all of my things in and out of someones house, so I did not bother to do more. If you were able to really streamline your things to make it easy to move them, it could be a very good way to build up your business through word of mouth.
As far as what to charge as a travel fee...You could do that many ways. Charge for the time it takes to get to the location, charge mileage or both. I think the going rate for mileage is $0.55/per mile. Or you could charge a flat rate within a certain distance, to keep it simple.
Hope this helps!