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Full Version: Nail Art on top of Gel Polish Manicure
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What is the best way to put a design on my ladies who get a gel polish manicure.?
After i wipe the residue off the top coat, i apply my design..can I add another layer of gel topcoat or do i add a regular topcoat?

Ive also applied stones to gel manicures & they never seem to hold as strong as it does with clear i always apply reg clear on top of the stones but just wanted to make sure this is ok
You can add another layer of gel right over your design and cure it. You can also use a top coat, it's up to you. I find that when you use a gel topcoat the nails stay glossy longer.

I never apply top coat over my rhinestones! It gives them a dull finish. I apply a little bit of the Best Glue Ever to help my rhinestones adhere longer, and they do. Robin Moses raved about that stuff, so I purchased some online. Definitely a great investment, and you can use it for foiling, applying glitter, nail jewelry....lots so stuff.

Bowie, MD
Best Glue Ever sounds u put it on top of the stones also or just underneath?? Is it a thicker it a fast-setting glue?
where do i order it?
Only under - NEVER put anything (glue, top coat or gel) over rhinestones. These products will dull the finish of your stones. Especially Swarvowski stones, which are not cheap!

You can get the Best Glue Ever on Amazon or do a Google search for it as they have a website. Some craft stores may carry it as well. It's the consistency of foil glue, and you can apply it with a brush or stylus tool so you have better control.

I hope this helps!

Bowie, MD