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Full Version: Nail Fungus Vs Disorder Or Infection?
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One of my friends has a fungus/disorder/infection on her nails. I'm not sure what it is as she has had it for years. She has been to the dermatologist and got meds to treat it but the problem kept coming back. She stopped taking the meds since they're so hard on the liver. She had this problem on both hands and toes and she's even had laser surgery but it only stopped the problem on one or two nails. The laser surgery worked on her toes though. The dermatologist thought the problem came from bartending years ago. The laser surgery just made her nails weaker.

Her weak nails are always discolored black or a dark greenish color. Some are not attached to the nail bed and sometimes fall off. As a result she is always wearing false nails that she changes every week. After each removal, she soaks her nails in vinegar. I'm confused as to whether this is a fungus, disorder or infection? I've never heard of anything like this and I dont know why it would keep coming back.

Any ideas?
She needs to go to another Doctor for another opinion.
I would definitely take a month off. I would guess the weekly on off would aggravate the situation. Maybe try a topical treatment. I'd quit the vinegar as well. Yes I hinders fungal growth, but ya ever put an egg in a jar of vinegar? It eats the shell away, so I'm guessing it probably is adding to her nail weakness. Please keep us posted on the situation. Good luck.
Is a dermatologist the best best for this situation?

It baffles me that it keeps coming back despite the meds and surgery