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Full Version: Gell Polish Fading
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I use Gelish and all of my lighter colours fade within a week or so, does anyone else have this problem? Especially if I layer two light colours after a while it turns in to a totally different colour I applied.

What gel polish out there stays true to their colour?
Never...... I love gelish Where did you buy it?
Wow really Rose, I buy from a distributor and also from Cosmo prof. I am not happy now. I have high bridge on now and it's faded a lot.
I have noticed several of the Gelish colors we use fading or changing color significantly, and I have heard other people online say the same thing. I hate it. I wish my salon would use something else.
You aren't alone, there are quite a few colors that change over the course of wearing them. I don't think this is exclusively an issue for Gelish, though of the three brands I use it happens more for me with Gelish because I have more lighter colors in that brand. Once the product is on the nails it is exposed to UV rays and whatever chemicals the clients come into contact with over time so I don't think this can be totally avoided, unfortunately. When I first noticed it with lighter colors I started paying closer attention and sometimes will hold the polish sample next to the clients nails to compare the colors when they come back after two or three weeks, and most of the time there is a small difference even in darker colors, it's just more noticeable on the lighter colors and I think the lighter colors can end up not being as pretty when they change.
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