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Full Version: Training in Jordon
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I will be going to Jordon for the month of April to train manicuring and pedicuring at the Princess Taghrid Institute, a non-profit education center in Amman, Jordon, the capital. The Institute was opened by the princess to train disadvantaged women over 18 in skills that will help them support themselves.

Anyhow, I am seeking several recipes that I might train using local fruits, etc. for a scrub and hydrating mask. Can anyone help?

I get this question every time I train in third world countries, so I will answer it now. No, the school is not paying me - my ticket is paid for and housing provided. I can't tell you how rewarding it is, though.

Janet McCormick
I have no ideas for you but what a fabulous opportunity to make a difference!
How awesome for you! I would love to be able to do something like that. Have you looked in the recipes under the 'Beauty Tech Forums'?
I have looked under the Beautytech Forums and found some recipes, but I am hoping someone knows the m/east fruits, etc that can be used in them. The ingredients need to be easy for the technicians to find and use.

The point is to provide them a way to work with "natural" - a big thing there now - and to be able to have inexpensive products

I have done this before in the Caribbean, and love to do it. A month is a little long for the budget, but I am hoping they will be salon-ready when I leave.
Could you do a search to see what fruits are indigenous to that country?