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Full Version: Nail Tech Commission?
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I own a hair salon in GA and we are planning to hire a nail tech in the near future. We will have only one nail tech, and we plan to pay commission and supply everything the nail tech will need. I'm trying to do some research on what commission rates are competitive right now for nail techs as I only know what hairstylists make and I assume it's a different rate. Can anyone help me out with this? Thanks!
Everywhere I have worked the stylists and the nail techs have the same commission. Where in Georgia?
We're in the Crabapple area, near Roswell/Alpharetta. The stylists are on a sliding scale commission depending on their service dollars. I guess we could take an average of the commission brackets and pay a flat commission to the nail tech. That's helpful, thank you.
If you're going on the service dollars, just remember that nail techs don't necessarily have the earning power of a hair stylist. We can't double book and the service time to dollar ratio may end up being off as compared to hair services. From my perspective a business owner really needs to calculate commission by working backward - calculate what the expenses would be - your percentages might end up different than mine depending on service prices and what supplies you use, but for me I calculate about 8% of the service cost for supplies, 4% for wear and tear on equipment (I used to hold back more, but now that I have absolutely everything I need I just have to replace things as they're used or worn out). On top of that you have the employer paid taxes and insurance, then overhead, and hopefully a smidgen of profit. Once you've looked at what you can "afford" to pay for the commission rate, calculate from the techs perspective to see what that ends up looking like for compensation. If it doesn't look fair from both ends then you have to start looking at creative ways to make it work.
Commission = Employee, compensation of at least minimum wage for hours spent in the salon, serving clients or not, must be covered.