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Full Version: Light Elegance Question
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Hi all
Can any LE users tell me the difference between Light Elegance's Super Shiny and Top Gloss?
Is Top Gloss like another Glaze n Go ? What can the Super Shiny be compared to? Ive never used any of their products....
Thinking about ordering them, but the websites descriptions are kinda vague.
Call and ask them for samples. I haven't used their Super Shiny but heard it is awesome. Since I am in love with their glitter gels, I am thinking about trying the Super Shiny next time I place an order.

Bowie, MD
Top Gloss is a tack-free finish and Super Shiny has an inhibition layer that you need to remove after curing. They both provide a great finish for any enhancement, but Super Shiny is perfect for cosmotologists, as it will not discolor if they forget to use gloves when working with hair color.
Hope this answers your questions.
Cool okee thanks ~ guess I will order them both and try them !
Darcy, my daughter is a stylist and her nails always turn dark with super shiny! But otherwise I love it!
I it the super shiny that discolors or her natural nails (the underside)?
I have not ever seen super shiny discolor and many of my clients who are hairdressers are always telling me how they never remember to wear gloves.