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Full Version: Best Gel Polish Line
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Hey everyone I would love to have your thoughts, I would be offering the gel polish service by the end of March in my salon & I would like to know which product line is best to go with. I would love to do Shellac but its a little out of my price range
Mani-Q and Cuccio's new line get my vote. Mani-Q's been my favorite since they came out, but the Cuccio brand gel polish is just as good and I think I actually prefer their base & top coat at this point, and their price point is good. They're newer to the market so I think they only have 36 colors right now, but even the lightest shade goes on beautifully in two coats - some could be good enough with just one, though I always do two for the strength factor. I do also have about 45 Gelish colors, but they're not as strong in my opinion - but you can pick them up fairly cheap if you watch for sales and they have a wide color selection.
I like ibd Just Gel polish. PNS usually has it on sale for $7.95. It really lasts and it's easy to remove. The shine is super glossy and long lasting. They have an array of colors and you won't have to spend a fortune. I'm currently wearing "Road to Paris" and absolutely love it! I got a couple of compliments from folks in passing on my way to work.

Bowie, MD
Is the IBD Just Gel polish a pure gel, or does it have solvents? I was looking at those a few weeks ago...
It's a pure gel polish that wears like a classic true gel. The colors are rich and it can be cured under a UV or LED lamp. I was using Gelish, but decided to use something that 1) clients couldn't get from Sally's Beauty Supply and 2) something that is an affordable pro product that wears well on today's active woman. So far I'm very pleased with the results.

Bowie, MD
I think Gelish is a great line primarily because it is the only line I know of that allows you to use its base and top coat with any other brand's color coat. That opens up a world of colors and formulas. I also really like Vitagel, once I got the hang of it. So for clients, I use Gelish base/Gelish VitaGel and top with ACG, Geleration, OPI GelColor, IBD Just Gel, and of course Gelish color coats. I do not call it a Gelish manicure however, just gel polish. IBD Just Gel is a great inexpensive line, less than half the cost of Shellac. Lots of great colors from neons to neutrals, although I find the base a bit difficult to remove.

For my own use, I prefer OPI GelColor because it is so easy to remove, thus preventing damage and making for long-term improvement of one's nails. I will mix systems on my nails so I'll use OPI base and top with other brands, but I don't mix systems with clients except with Gelish as stated above.

Beyond personal preferences, I don't think there is a single answer to your question. What makes a line good depends on your needs/goals. Do you want an LED cure? Must it be hypoallergenic? Do you want an rnp to go with it? What about the range of colors? Do you already have a relationship with a vendor/distributor/brand? Do you want a builder gel or other structure gel? What about removal? What about education and customer support?

I really don't think being at Sally is a big minus because clients don't come to you because of your products, but because of your skills. My hairdresser uses some products that can be bought at Sally and other beauty supply stores, but that doesn't diminish my regard for her or her skills.
I have some of the IBD Just Gel colors. I really like the fluidity of the formula but some colors need 3 coats, not two. INM Gelavish is nice too, I have a couple colors and their coverage is nice.
Great question hun, but ya will get lots of different answers. Everyone has their favorite! Just gots to try some and see whatcha like. I am all about Shellac. Goes on even, covers in two coats and soaks off in a jiffy.
Shellac for me here as well...when applied right it is amazing, as well as you can layer to create new shades and it is just much easier to remove then others that i have tried. I did just get into the OPI GelColors and i love the color choices, although maybe its just me but it takes me a bit longer to remove it then shellac, but again, maybe its just me i just started using them Smile. Either way those two are great. Like others have said, it depends on what you want, there are so many out there now that it makes it hard to choose from.