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Prices starting @ $1.99 !

[Image: cardholder.jpg]

Keeping your station devoid of clutter can be difficult during a service. Cell phones and jewelry drops onto your station as your client prepares for her manicure. BeautyTech solves the problem with its cell phone holders to help keeps that clutter to a minimum on your desk or station. The multitasking stand can be used to hold your clients' cell phone, plus any rings or watches your clients need to remove for the duration of the service.

The new stand takes up minimal space, providing easy access to your cell phone. Most hands-free earpieces can be plugged in while it's in the holder. As an added benefit, it can also be used to hold clients' rings or watches or even clients' cell phones during the service. Stylish and sturdy, the cell phone holder can complement any salon's color scheme and decor. It is available in decorative colors, including: translucent or frosted clear, purple, blue and pink and can double as a business card holder!

"In fact, you can even attach nail tips to the hand to display your polish selections and nail art," says Debbie Doerrlamm, who is making this and other unique accessories available on her popular BeautyTech website.