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Full Version: Best LED Gel Polish?
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I am looking for suggestions to replace Gelish with another gel line. I need it to be easily removed and have a wide color range. I really like OPI GelColor but it does not come in enough colors. i also like Mani-Q but it is a bit difficult to remove and also does not have enough colors. I want to only have one brand just to make things easier. This is not for me, but for my salon. The owners don't want to spend a fortune replacing the gel but definitely want something longer lasting than Gelish. The appointments are also booked very tight so the gel should preferably be removed as easily as Shellac or GelColor.

Any suggestions?

Try ibd Just Gel polish. PNI usually has it on sale for $7.95. It really lasts and it's easy to remove. The shine is super glossy and long lasting. They have an array of colors and you won't have to spend a fortune. I'm currently wearing "Road to Paris" and absolutely love it!

Bowie, MD


I second IBD/ezflow they are the same formula but branded differently. I do have on complaint the it leaves a weird layer on the nail that has to be buffed off but the colour just flakes right off!