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I have mostly done acrylic in all the years I've done nails. When I started using gel I tried Brisa, Axxium and didn't like either, I'm now using IBD. I would like some input on other brands of gel, what is better, stronger, etc. Also would like to know if you can use Led lamps with any gel or shellac product?
Can you tell WHY you don't like the brands you've tried? The reason I ask is that sometimes its an application issue instead of a product issue. I'm currently using Young Nails, fixing to try Entity's brand of gel to see how it compares. It's been my experience that there's not a whole lot of difference in how strong they are. It's how you structure the nail that makes it strong, just like with acrylic. Some gels do have a thicker builder gel to help with that. Lots of co.'s offer samples, check the various web sites to see. I know for sure that Nailite does, they have a wide range of gels in just about every consistency you'll need.
I think I read on here a while back that possibly IBD might cure with an LED lamp, but check that first, don't take my word for it. I've never used Shellac so I can't speak about that line, but I use LED on OPI, IBD, and NSI. No problems.