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Full Version: Nail tip fan display
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Using either 24 or 40 nail tip display fan which is more user friendly because of the size etc??? Thanks in advance.....
Is anyone using these? Huh Have a great week!!!!
I have the 20 size fan displays that serve the purpose for me just great. Size ,and storability are factors for mev,so I like that they aren't huge. HTH...Smile
Thanks Luxibunny,

When you polished them did you have to buff because the ones I bought that where the disc style they eventually popped off? Thanks

Depends on what you are putting on there.. traditional polish no.. but any type of gel or acrylic I would rough just a little with a white block or 180 file.. you do have to be careful because the tips can snap off of almost every one of these type of displays..
I have the discs also, and honestly ,lol, it never occurred to me to buff them first....I have all of my Gelish, ACG, OPI ,and ManiQ ,on them ,and they get a lot of wear and tear, and all colors look brand new. Never had a problem w/ color coming off . I switched to the display fans because the tips snap off the discs quite easily when clients " try them on " . Be sure to top coat them...
Well girls I just finished putting the gel polish on the fans and FINALLY I am so happy. A lot of work but worth it. Thanks everyone for you help. Oh yah adding 10 more colors this week too....ugh!!!!! Lol