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Full Version: Charging for SOG Removal
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Do you charge for the removal of rock star toes, glitter tips or SOG polish if the client is getting another gel service after removal? If so, whether it's fingers or toes, how much do you charge?

$ 5.00
I don't charge if they are applying another gel polish colour. If not I charge 5.00 just to remove.
I charge $10 whether they are getting a service following removal or not. After all you are spending time ensuring the gels are properly removed, you're using up product too. My last salon didn't charge for it and clients would leave a smaller tip even though I still took my time to ensure gels were properly removed. I thought that if they weren't going to charge, they may as well as have had a hair stylist do the removal.
i actually add removal cost into the price for the application service...
if i didn't do the application i charge $15... for my time and product and i'll give a quickie cuticle oil rub.
Great advice ladies, thank you. @scotchtapeandrhinestones I was told my one tech that you have to charge for your time to remove old product whether you put it on or not. Her price is the same as yours.

@ddnailz - I agree with you too. It takes time and you are using your products. I'll take that into consideration as I must be compensated for my products and my time. Sometimes I'm a softy with my clients, not charging them, but what you all are saying makes perfect sense!

I charge $10 if it comes off according to manufacturer's directions (in 10 minutes). If it was put on by an NSS or at home, chances are it won't, and my price goes up according to how long it takes.
I don't charge extra, I include the time and cost of removal in a gel manicure service. I decided to do that instead of charging extra and having people think they could peel off the gel to save a buck. First time clients don't require the removal time, but they are sometimes late (from getting lost), or I just end up finishing them a few minutes early. Smile
Most places here charge $5 if you're receiving a lacquer mani. Free if you are getting a gel mani or set of enhancements.
I charge $3 extra if it's a file off color, $5 extra for soak off.
The removal in included in the price if they are getting another sog mani.
If they are just getting a removal and/or a regular mani... I add $5

If they are coming from somewhere else & if I have to take a scraper(gasp) or whip my e-file out to get the supposed "sog" off , I'll charge a little extra....labor and time.
[...ive had new client "sog" removals take me 20-30 min. before...
I can only guess what they used! Lol ]
I don't charge for removal with a new application, as my time is factored into the cost of the service. If someone wants removal it's $36 (same as the actual service) and they get a mini mani. Even if they don't want the mini mani l charge $25. I don't do removal as a stand alone service if they had the product applied elsewhere, so in that case it would be the $36 service.

While that may seem high, this is why I charge those prices
1) If it's an existing client, chances are they don't tell me ahead of time that they want removal instead of re-application, so they will be on the books for 50 minutes of my time regardless of what we do and my cancellation/downgrade policy kicks in - by adding the mini mani it keeps my service time the same and gives them a comparable value so the charge is the same
2) If they let me know in advance, they can opt for just the removal (though they really never do), and because of the strength of my application technique I still have to book them 40 minutes to allow for e-file, some soaking time, finishing the service, then check-out and resetting my table for the next appointment, which I factor into all booking time slots so that I don't run behind.