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Full Version: Lifting at the free edge
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I have a couple of clients that always lift at the free edge only. Why and what to do to prevent this? Please help!!!!!
I find this can happen once the clients start to get some length. I find it is usually caused by the clients natural nail starting to grow down in it's natural curve and away from the free edge of product.
I shorten the nails if this happens and it usually fixes it.
One other issue I have seen that cause this is product being applied to thin at the free edge.
And another cause is if the client is an ex biter they can sometime get their teeth in-between the layers and cause them to separate, again just shorten the nails and give the client a stern talking toSmile
Most often it is caused by nails that are dehydrated, they will start to curl away from the product. When I see it, I remove the gel from that area and reapply. Sometimes I get lucky and when shortening the nails, it removes the problem.
One way that I have found that reduces the likelyhood of this is to take my efile bit at a 45 degree angle and kind of bevel the underside of the nail, smoothing the natural nail up to the gel. I hope that makes sense.
The best prevention is keeping the nails properly hydrated with Cuticle oil daily. If their using it the way they should, it Really does make a difference.
Thank you both I really do appreciate your time in answering my question. I will definitely try the suggestions