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I see that the BBQ is at the Rosen Inn. I was just looking for rooms and prices for all available. And both Rosen hotels say unavailable. Is there a code we need to put in somewhere if there is a block of rooms available? This is my first time going so I dont know exactly where to start, except I have already bought my ticket to the BBQ.
Where do most of you all stay??? I would like to stay at least near where everyone else is going to be.
This year I opted to not block @ Hilton Grand Vacation Sea World as we have always done. The biggest reason was for reasons I am not privy to, there is no shuttle service from the HGVC this year. I highly suggest you use the booking service through the Premiere show site I was looking there yesterday for our own room and see the prices are quite reasonable and looks far less than direct or Expedia.

The Orlando Social is @ the Rosen Centre this year(same as last yr).. The Rosen Hotel & Rosen Inn are different places north of the convention center. Actually the Rosen Inn looked really nice and reasonably priced
Thanks, so do you know where most will be staying? I would like to be at least in a general area of most of our fellow techies.
Right now we are leaning towards either the Clarion on I Drive 2 doors down from Rosen Centre or the SpringHill or Residence Inn Sea World properties a little further dpwn I Drive

Can you tell us more about the Orlando Social? Are there any specifics you can share yet?
The Social is a gathering, meet & greet sort of thing with finger food and a pay bar.. we dont have ALL the details worked out besides date time and cost Smile the menu is still being worked on. There will be 6-10 manufacturers there with tables - maybe demos, maybe just talk and display, thats part of whats being finalized but they will be there for sure.. Definitely we will have a bunch of cool raffle prizes and the coupon book for discounts and samples on the floor Sun & Mon. It is held Sat night before the show 7-10pm at the Rosen Centre hotel which is SOUTH of the convention center (left side FACING the convention center with your back to I Drive).

We are still diddling around with hotel choice ourselves but leaning very much towards either Spring Hill or Fair Field Sea World.. the Clarion got knocked out of contention when I read some reviews..
I'm so bummed... I love the condos and wanted to go back there.... Sad
Trust me no one was more dissapointed than we were... yes it was a little more $dissapointed but the place was great...
So very bummed we're not at the sea world condos this year. We had such great service there. So clean, great food and happy to please us! Sad
Totally agree. But no shuttle makes it a nightmare.. I dont know how that works who decides etc... but its just not on the list this yr
I was just checking in after talking to a tech about Orlando. Wow what a bummer Sad also a tad bummed to see its another demo party instead of the old meet & greet. It was sad not to get to hang out with other techs that were either doing demos or educating. Good in theory but not so great in practice. I'll look forward to what you come up with for new location or we will just plan to cab it from the condo - there was an AWESOME cab service that picked us up in SUVs and were there at the end of the day (we planned it that way to head out to dinner right after).
I'm leaning your way. A cab can't be that much for a ride to the event.... I really liked the condo's...
Do you know of any hotels on the list that have condo type rooms? I'm interested in the two bedroom condo.
Unfortunatly noI dont see any condo places on the list..