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I'm a senior @ manicuring school-- but there's no clients that come in for services! We're the first manicuring class in a few yrs @ this school....we feel like test subjects actually. The teachers are pushing us to bring in friends & family for us to work on-- my issues - the school products suck- they're gross- sticky, used, not put away properly- messy-- so I lug my stuff with me & the client pays the school! I'll do my friends & family @ home-- even for free to practice-- I need other ppl!! I'm really freaking out- I have 100 hours left & only did 2 uv gels sets, 1 uv gel fill & 1 acrylic fill in....and tonights fill took me 2 hours an a few minute's-- I'm freaking out that it takes so long-- how do I speed up? I'm not getting any training on electric file either....I've used it on myself once. I'm so discouraged-- I post on FB pictures of my practice * offering to do nails*not getting many takers though :-(
sounds like the school i went to, exactly the same ! I went for cosmetology but was assured before i started that nails would be included in the curicculum......well......nails was covered for exactly ONE week and the stuff they wanted us to use was just like the stuff you described.....i was frustrated and disappointed.......i still can not believe that all these schools get away with the horrible services they offer their students !
It's frustrating & I don't want to ask friends to ho there-- pay the school & use my own stuff???? I'm suppose to actually work part time in a local salon & I'm terrified I'm too slow!! Everyone says practice on people -- lol! How can I? I offer- not enough bites on my offers & the school doesn't seem to have a flow of clients!!
Nor to mention if I need to do a pedi @ school they said sit on the floor- ugh!
This was pretty much my experience too. Is there any way you can practice on the other students? Even on your own time?
We do practice on each other as well. At least I'm not alone!
Invest in a nail trainer hand and watch lots of videos on YouTube. Young Nails and Tammy Taylor have some great educational videos. I'm just getting back into doing enhancements - it's like starting all over. I have been watching tons of videos. Having the nail trainer hand is the closest thing to a real client you'll get. I use it to practice with my e-file as well as gel and acrylic application. I also use a timer to time myself and keep a progress card to track my progress.

That's a good idea! The nail trainer - wheres the best place to get this?
Go to the official website You don't need to spend a lot of money on the kits with the dvds, you only need the trainer hand, progress cards and replacements nails. Each dvd is two hours long - I haven't made it through a single one in it's entirety yet! I guess I'm used to watching the shorter pro tutorials on YouTube.....the older I get the shorter my attention span is! Lol.....

Why not complain to the school and tell them your concerns? If the products are that bad (messy and sticky) there must be some kind of hygiene issue also?

Well we make it clear to the teachers-- all they can say is "I don't do ordering "! They're suggestion is to let them know on the exit interview.
We couldn't use the OPI gel color the other day cause we are out of top coat! Run to beauty supply store-- they can't :-(