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Full Version: Do you use the Disassemble Swatchboards?
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I was researching various nail art/color wheels and came across the "Disassemble Color Charts" nail swatchboards with 24 removable nails available from or

Our clients (accidently) keep breaking off one or two nails from our "Insyst" color wheels, and I don't like how the wheels look with the missing nails - looks tacky to me.

Has anyone tried these swatchboards with the individual removable nails? Great idea, but I was wondering if they hold up to the wear and tear of constant client use and handling.

If you have used them, is the surface easy to polish with gel polishes as well as regular polish?
I use Color Pops. They're sturdy and you don't have to worry about the client breaking them. There are knock offs, but I say go with the "authentic" ones as the cheap ones can break easily with excessive handling.

I love these:

I've also seen them on ebay.
(02-12-2013, 02:50 PM)youvegotnail! Wrote: [ -> ]I love these:

I've also seen them on ebay.

I use them too, but I got them from an online store in TX - the cost of shipping was much lower there
I received my Disassemble Color Charts, and guess what? - they are pretty nifty little swatchboards! They came to $2.85 a piece - I had ordered a dozen.

When I polish up a few I will report back on how they are to polish with regular polish and gel polish. I am not sure exactly what I am going to use them for as yet...