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Full Version: I found a spot at a salon!
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I'm so excited that I found a spot at a salon its 7.00 an hr plus 25% commision. She said I can start when I want and to get some bookings. Is it ok to contact facebook friends and let them know where I'm at and to ask them to contact me to book? And if so then do I send each person a personal note or a group msg? I have like 350 in town friends so that's going to take awhile. Thanks

I would personally do individual notes - they're harder to ignore than group messages! If it were me, I would create (in a Word document) three or four different messages (think in tiers - family, very close friends, friends, and people you know) - then you could copy the appropriate message into the email and maybe personalize just a quick line suited to just that person. Good luck and congratulations!