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Full Version: LINKAGE Info !! Very helpfull
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I have some very interesting news about Linkage, networking can be priceless!!! We have always thought that failing to get the cap on Linkage sealed air tight was what made it thicken or "freeze up" I have learned that cross contamination with other chemicals can do it also. A customer that buys the Linkage for a large number of salons told me that he personally tried this and the Linkage froze up overnight. The nail techs all use a nail prep prior to applying Linkage. They use OPI's Bondaid which the OPI instructions are to use it prior to applying their Bondex. They had replaced the Bondex with Linkage but continued to use the Bondaid. He said that once you apply Bondaid then Linkage just the small amount of Bondaid on the Linkage brush going back into the Linkage bottle is causing the Linkage to harden.
So this actually goes back to some old school teaching that we should never mix product lines or mix chemicals. I know we have ALL done it. I have been a nail tech for 21yrs and I am guilty of it. The Purify that T.E.N. provides is a cleanser and dehydrator that has no color or additives to leave behind any kind of residue on the nail that could be transferred into your Linkage. It is 99.9% pure products to insure no cross contamination. It would be better to wipe the nails prior to applying Linkage with pure unscented acetone.
I hope this helps in getting the absolute most out of your Linkage and as always if you'd like to contact me about it, PLEASE feel free.
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Cross contamination was the reason that Diane and myself first introduced this product to the market with no brush in the bottle, suggested by our chemist. What we did instead was sold 100 pk of cotton swabs with each bottle so that after each dip of the product the swab could be thrown out and a new one be used if more or a second coat of Linkage was required. This stopped any cross contamination with anything keeping the linkage free from debris.
The brush was introduced because we found clients were constantly asking for a brush in the bottle. We didn't sell it with a brush right away but instead offered a sale of a 3pk of brush caps that they could use at their discrepancy. We still sell it as such.
So if you want the most out of your linkage or connect I would suggest the cotton swabs.