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Full Version: Seche Ultra-V™
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Hello all,

Wondering if any of you have used this. I was told you can put it right over wet polish, dry it for three minute with UV light and it's done. Also was told it comes off with just acetone?

Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.. Smile
I have and love it. Works great. One caution though thick slow drying polish may still be dentable for awhile. Alot of times I will still stick there hands in air dryer while between coats like right in while polishing left. Just extra protection for those people that will go to digging in purse minutes after getting nails done.
I have it yet prefer Lumos top and bottom coat.
I use the Seche UV top coat all the time, and love it! You do have to warn them to be careful because the other layers will still dent. I like the advice above about using an air dryer while painting the other hand.