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Full Version: nailite GIA
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Is anyone using this? I'm starting over and building a new clientele from scratch, so I'm looking for ways to save money on overhead costs but I'm not willing to sacrifice on quality. I know that when it first came out people were saying it was thicker and hard to get the even, perfect polish look with, but I believe they've reformulated since then (am I right?). At nearly half the price of gelish and shellac, it could really help me out. I'd love some opinions, or pictures!! And does anyone know if I can get a sample?
I wish I could recommend it because I LOVE Nailite's products, but I'd pass on GIA. Some of them go on nice but most are too thick to apply with the brush in the bottle. The only way I could use them is to pour them into pots and apply with a gel brush. The other weird thing is that it separates with clear gel on top.

There's been a lot of buzz on here recently about DeEnterprises products. I bought one of their gel polishes and loved it. The consistency was just like Gelish. They have a great deal if you buy 20. Here's a link:

I still prefer mixing my own colors with Gelousy One-Step and pigments. Way more cost effective.
Thats disappointing, i usually love nailites products! Sad Do you know if deEnterprise offers s[/b]amples? I hate ordering new products online, the prices are great but I'm afraid to spend even that much on something I've never even heard about! I'm kind of out of the loop right now though, been way too busy!! I think its research timeSmile thanks for the suggestion!
You can always call them about samples. They have great customer service, and they don't charge shipping on gel polish or the pedicure line.
Something I just thought about. Premier Nail Source carries several lines of SOGs, and they have ibd Just Gel on deal. They don't carry all colors, but certainly enough to get you stocked for now. I've not tried ibd, but I know lots of people like it.

Yes, their customer service is FANTASTIC! They will send you lots of samples. I think there was a discount code posted on here for techs to use. They have great products at reasonable prices, so definitely check them out.

Yeah, I wish GIA was a better formula but it is def. too thick, and the color does seperate.
I ordered several colors, and they were inconsistent also, as far as viscosity.
Time to reformulate the GIA Nailite...
....I use and Heart many of their other products though! Great company.