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Can anybody recommend a good 2 hand uv lamp? Thanks
Why might you want a two handed light?
The two handed lamps do not usually offer the best cure. The bulbs are typically quite a distance from the nails and then you have the issue of thumbs usually not getting cured completely. Your best results will come from the light that is sold for use with the product line it is developed for.
Smile Hope this helps some.
I thought it would save me time....but I also thought about the thumb issue. Thanks for the advice! I'll probably buy another tunnel lamp and use two.
That is how I have my table set, it really works out well.
We have used two UV lamps from Light Elegance - one on each side of our nail tables - for a few years now. They are a fair price for a really good quality, reliable lamp that can be repaired by Light Elegance if needed.

This is a company with great customer service, committed to excellence in their products and offerings. I am always grateful they were recommended to me years ago when I decided to start doing gel nails.

I have been to classes with the owner of Light Elegance, and he explains why his UV lamps are designed the way they are. Give them a call and ask about their lamps and how they are designed to cure - very interesting information. The size of the lamp and how close the fingers are to the bulbs is important. This is information every gel nail technician should know... Good luck.
Don't you find them way overpriced?

Definitely not overpriced. I understand completely, the need to make smart purchasing decisions, I have learned the hard & expensive way, purchasing lower priced products & equipment, hoping to get the same results and save a few bucks. It just does not happen that way. Less expensive products do exist, but I found that I was having to work harder at making repairs to nails and then, when there was an issue with that less expensive equipment, there was No One interested in helping to solve the problem and I had to replace it...Often.
So, going with better quality products and a company who Stands behind Every Single Product they create, saves me Time and Money. You truly do get what you pay for.
just a little sidenote fyi: As for pricing, you can get a Fantastic discount on everything at the LE booth at the shows, networking events AND at the classes.
I can't count the number of cheap light units I'd thrown away before discovering the Light Elegance one. Quality is worth every dollar.
LE has great quality lamps. There is an article that Jim McConnell wrote and LE has the second strongest lamp. CND is at the top by a tiny margin.
When you participate in my gel workshop at IBS New York, your registration includes an LE light unit of your own!
How much does the registration cost? I would love to attend!
The gel workshop (Monday, April 15 2-5 pm) costs $225 and also includes a one-day exhibit hall ticket (a $79 value).

The waterless spa pedicure workshop is Sunday, April 14 10 am- 1pm:
(02-19-2013, 03:14 PM)PrecisionNails Wrote: [ -> ]The gel workshop (Monday, April 15 2-5 pm) costs $225 and also includes a one-day exhibit hall ticket (a $79 value).

The waterless spa pedicure workshop is Sunday, April 14 10 am- 1pm:

Thanks for the info!