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Full Version: Nouveau Nail
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Has anyone used this from Premier Nail Source??
I have the LED 1 step UV gel- very shiny & easy to apply- used it once! Anericanails has great prices! A friend just got hers in today with their light speed gel polish-- I'll get her feedback soon!!
I do use their LED 1 step gel....have had no problems at all with it. No lifting or anything with my clients.
This is great info, thanks ladies. I got a sample fro PNS and was thinking about using it for glitter mixing for rock star toes.

When you do can you post a picture? Thanks! I liked this product! If you go to you tube americanails has tutorials too!
Absolutely! I just bought a mixing tile (aka regular bathroom tile from Home Depot) so it'll be easier and less messy to mix my glitter with the gel. I'm hoping the mix comes out nice. I saw a pro tech on YouTube create a really nice glitter gel using a clear builder gel....her glitters always look so sparkly!

Great idea!
I contacted Premier Nail but they won't send me samples unless I order something. I want to try the gel line but don't want to commit to a kit or several gel products. To discover I may not like it. I hate when companies don't want to send samples. It is a great marketing tool. Sad
I agree!
The kit I got from premier was $10 * also you can try to contact Melodee Lange @ Americanails- she works directly with the product line. Maybe she can help!
Here's the link
For [email protected]: Awesome thanks. I will contact Melodee. I appreciate your help. It sounds like a great product. I am limited through my local distributor. Thanks again.
Thank you for the info. I ordered it !!
Finally got my order and it was backordered.... bummer
Dang!! I order more from Premier-- hopefully it's i
Coming! Let us know what u think!!