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Full Version: opinions please, may be an allergy to product
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ok so a month ago or so i did start using a gel/acrylic line i have not used in a while so maybe its that.. i am itchy.. no rash, no bugs, no nada for signs but my head itches and my shoulders and arms.. wth??? i have seen many of you post over the years about suddenly getting sensitive to products and was wondering if this may be it.
i have changed shampoo and my head still itches... changed laundry soap..nada
the only thing is i still have this product on my one hand, changed the other one and did not have time to ditto the other hand. the dust is always a factor as well. anywho.. any suggestions would be helpful.. i cant stand this anymore.. and its only in those places by the way.. no where else
I am allergic to gels, acrylics, and gel polishes. There is an additive in all three that cause the same reaction. Here is what happens to me...

I am only affected on my hands. They become red and itchy, then progress into puss filed areas that are sensitive to heat. This builds up under the nail and causes the nail plate to lift (onycholysis). As soon as I stop coming in contact with the product *gloves help) for a few days everything clears up. The itching and redness slowly goes away and I am left with patchy dry/peeling skin.

I see that your symptoms are much different than what I have, but I would guess that you still could be having a different reaction to the product. You said you were wearing the product, do you notice a difference on your hands specifically? I would encourage you to catch up with a medical professional. The faster it is diagnosed, the better off you will be....
What about hair spray? Did you try something different? I had that happen to me once with a particular brand of hair spray.
Any new hand lotions? Different allergy products, meds?
i think i have eliminated everything. i also think i have figured out i am allergic to something in the pillows from my of all things.. it only gets bad when i am sitting on the couch with certain pillows.. the fabric i guess..go figure..
my hands not been an issue at all which is what puzzled me when pondering product allergies..
i came home last night and did not leave any of the pillows on my couch, sat watched tv and went to bed, now this morning it has all calmed down..
thanks for all your comments.. guess i need to toss and thank god its prob not products..omg i have had nightmares about this..