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Full Version: Has Anyone Used Nouveau Nail One-Step UV Gel?
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I got this free with an order from Premier Nail Source, but wasn't sure how to use it. I know it's an all in one, but is it a builder gel as well as a base and top coat? The video they have up on YouTube didn't really answer my question so I thought I'd try here.

Hope this helps ,and maybe steers you in the right direction a bit...although I have not used this product, I now currently use Nailite X hard gel ,and from what I can tell ,it is a one step gel. By that I mean ,I use it for each coat usually 3 ,max ,and it has performed great ! The nails last beautifully ,no lifting ,and I have one gal that can only see me once every 5 weeks...find a willing guinea pig to try it out on and see how it goes. I got my gel because of a client wanting me to do it, she is the five weeker BTW. I told her I have very little experience with gel, and she had more faith in me than I probs , and I believe it is a one step....
I got that from premier-- a trial sized kit-- it's awesome! Get the kit that can Cure in LED- cuts times down!! Americanails products look good- I'll be trying more!! I think the shine is fabulous too!!!!! It came with easy directions as well.
I would also like so more information on this product, I have seen it a lot on and Have been curious about it...more information please Big Grin
Hi All,

Sorry I am getting really confused with the builder gels I have found it really hard to see tutorials on how to use it on natural nails. I don't want to add false tips I just like to add thickness to my natural nails.
I used nouveau previously (although this was before I bought a primer so this may have affected the result) but I applied a colour gel over the builder gel and the next day the whole layer lifted off in one piece on every nail.
I don't know if this is because I didn't use a primer or because I should have used a base coat.
Basically I am wondering what order to do them in?
I want to put a colour gel over the builder gel - I have an LED lamp. could someone please give me basic steps as to what order to do this in so they stay on?? many thanks in advance as I love builder gel and just want to be able to use it properly!!!! Smile

kind regards